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Review: A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I did like this book better than the last one, I still don't really like it since a good number of my favorite characters (well Jon and Dany) are missing. I understand why Martin did what he did (splitting this book and the next not by time but viewpoint) which is not how I would have done it; I'm not the author though, Martin is, and I respect his decision. The Jaime in this book is not the same man he was in the first book, he has shown considerable growth and while originally I kind of wanted him to die, I want him to survive now... Which cannot be said for his dear twin. Like Jaime, I did not like Cersei. With the addition of her viewpoint I dislike her so much that my dislike has "lapped" my dislike for all the other characters. Its not that she is "evil" for their can be a sort of honor in that, Tywin had it. Cersei however is just mad with power - and not in a good way. I hope she gets everything she deserves...

As always Arya does not disappoint, she and Sansa are the only Originals that have viewpoints in this book, which, though short, were enjoyable. The only disjointing thing about it was when the commit to being "another person" the title of their chapter changes to. Thinking about it though it is fitting.

Their were also a lot of new viewpoints. Their viewpoints are titled not their name (even when a character's viewpoint is used more than once - but again its Martin's book) but an actual title such as "The Prophet" or "The Kraken's Daughter" which can be poetic.

Brienne's viewpoint was also a welcome addition. Even though she and Jaime don't interact at all their relationship continues to develop. It seems to be building a romantic angle, while I think a more platonic relationship based on a shared sense of honor would be more appropriate. (Do I even have to say it?)

One thing that I really did enjoy was an offhand remark by somebody that said that there was a Maester Rigney that believed that time was a wheel. Well a certain James Oliver Rigney, Jr. who, under the pseudonym Robert Jordan, wrote another of fantasy's great epics The Wheel of Time...

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